Insurance programs

The Russian Insurance Centre is in the top 20 Russian insurance companies for corporate insurance. The licenses of the Federal Service for Insurance Supervision – С №0159 77 and П №0159 77 and the licenses of the Federal Security Service and Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia allow the Russian Insurance Centre to administer over 70 types of insurance activities including those that involve information classified as state secrets.

The Russian Insurance Centre provides its corporate clients with special insurance programs such as aviation and maritime insurance, space risk insurance and technical military cooperation risk insurance as well as comprehensive insurance programs tailored to the needs and wishes of the company’s corporate clients.

Moreover, Russian Insurance Centre has close long-term business relations with major Russian insurance companies as well as with a large number of international partners which allows the company to rapidly and reliably place virtually any risk to reinsurance in the Russian and international insurance markets.

The Russian Insurance Centre meets its clients needs for quality, affordable and convenient insurance services with minimum service time.