Protection and Indemnity

RIC`s Protection and Indemnity (P&I) insurance is a cover to protect our clients against losses and liabilities towards third parties.

The insurance is available to ship owners and charterers, including operators. In the event that a member is involved in a dispute with a third party, RIC will actively protect him, i.e. try to find a solution, and if, ultimately, he is found liable and suffers a loss covered under his policy, RIC will indemnify him for his costs.

The insurance covers maritime liabilities incurred by the policyholder in direct connection with the operation of the entered vessel and can be provided for all types of vessels such as tankers, bulk carriers, general cargo ships, container carriers, passenger vessels and more specialised vessels.

Rules of Shipowner`s Liability Insurance (eng)

Application Form

Rules of Shipowner`s Liability Insurance (turkey)