Claims Handling

In the event of an accident, you should immediately:

 • See to the welfare of any injured people

 • Do not discuss fault or cause with anyone

 • Notify the local marine authorities

 • Report the accident to RIC

If the loss is straightforward, our in-house marine experts will review your estimate, and give you the OK to proceed with repairs right away. If your loss involves structural damage, we’ll make arrangements for a local marine surveyor or adjuster to inspect your boat and report back to us and you the extent of damage, the proper repair method and the reasonable cost of repairs. The surveyor and the RIC claims representative will work with you and your chosen repair facility to get your boat back on the water as soon as possible.

Our claim specialists are available to assist and in case of any accident, please contact us immediately at + 7 495 775 47 00 (156), e-mail,