Aviation insurance

Andrey Sechenov, Deputy Chairman

of the Management Board

of the Russian Insurance Centre

The Russian Insurance Centre is a leading company for the insurance of military aircraft of the Russian Federation. The company has effective programs for the insurance of aircraft and other equipment supplied under national defense orders and for technical military cooperation with foreign countries.

Our advantages:

Large experience in aviation risk insurance and in the settlement of insurance claims

Flexible rates and high level of reliability

Reliable reinsurance protection by leading Western reinsurance companies

Fast settlement of clames

The experience accumulated by the company in insurance and in the settlement of insurance clames along with reliable reinsurance protection allow the Russian Insurance Centre to offer its clients exclusive insurance terms for both accepted risks as well as a flexible system for insurance rates.

The Russian Insurance Centre offers its corporate clients the types of insurance products as follows:

• aircraft insurance (aircraft hull insurance)

• liability insurance for carriers (aircraft owners)

• accident insurance