Space risks insurance

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of

the Russian Insurance Centre V.A. Shabalin and

Deputy Director General of the Open Joint Stock

Company Science and Production Association

Academician V. P. Glushko Energomash

V.N. Khudyakov inspecting a rocket engine.

The Russian space industry is one of the most high-technology and competitive in the world. Space insurance programs have developed as integral parts of modern space exploration.

The Russian Insurance Centre provided insurance for the placing in orbit of the first module of the International Space Station (ISS) – the functional cargo block Zarya and the launch of the 11th ISS expedition. The company provided insurance protection for the launches of rocket carriers Proton, Rokot, Zenith, Kosmos-3М, Cyclone-3 and Soyuz-2 as well as for the launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles RS-12M (Topol-M) and RS-20 (Dnepr) performed by the Space Forces of the Russian Federation and combat crews of the Strategic Rocket Forces. The Russian Insurance Centre has provided third party liability insurance for controlled reentry of space vehicles in case of an unsuccessful launch since 2003.

As an example of this type of space risk insurance, the company provided third party liability insurance for the launches of the W3A, Intelsat-10, Nimik-2, Amazonas, AMS-9, АМS-12, АМS-15 and DirecTV-8 space vehicles. As an insurer, the Russian Insurance Centre participated in the implementation of the space programs of Loral (Satellite Vehicle Sirius-1, 2, 3), Hughes (Satellite Vehicle PanAmSat, ICO), AsiaSat (Satellite Vehicle AsiaSat-3), Lockheed-Martin Telecommunications (Satellite Vehicle NIMIK, LMI-1, Ecostar), Astrium (Satellite Vehicle Astra), SES Americom (Satellite Vehicle АМС-9, АМС-15, АМС-12) and many others.

The Russian Insurance Centre has provided insurance coverage for the launches of many domestic and international space vehicles: 7 Iridium satellites, W3A, Intelsat-10, Amazonas, Telstar-6, Meteor, Ekran, Parus, Strela, GLONASS, Universitetskiy, DirecTV- 8, Photon-М satellites and a number of others.

The following products are offered for insuring space risks:

• property insurance:
– ground space infrastructure sites;
– space rockets.

• liability insurance for launch preparation of a space rocket, for the launch process and the placing of the space vehicle into the planned orbit.

• different types of personal insurance for staff participating in the implementation of space projects from employees of space industry enterprises to crew members of manned space stations.