Technical military cooperation risk insurance

The Russian Insurance Centre is an insurer for major projects in the field of technical and military cooperation between Russia and foreign countries and provides insurance for a major part of deliveries of military products to the international market.

Using its vast experience in developing comprehensive programs for the assessment, management and minimization of risks, our company can offer special exporters and other participants in technical military cooperation insurance contracts that reflect all aspects of technical military cooperation contract insurance. The Russian Insurance Centre offers comprehensive insurance programs for the delivery and production of weapons and military equipment in order to ensure the economic security of the parties in technical military cooperation and to create conditions for the appropriate performance of their contractual obligations. These programs are designed for companies that export weaponry, military equipment and property within the framework of technical military cooperation between Russia and foreign countries.

These programs include combinations of standard and special insurance products listed below that are tailored in accordance with the client’s needs:

• cargo insurance (delivery of military property)

• insurance of vessels under construction

• liability insurance for ship owners

• insurance of vessels

• insurance of construction and assembly operations

• insurance of aircraft (aircraft hull insurance)

• liability insurance for carriers (aircraft owners)

• liability insurance for manufacturers, sellers and contractors

• cargo insurance (exhibition administration)

• exhibition insurance