Liability insurance

The production, testing, delivery and storage of military goods entails significant risks. In the event of disasters and accidents there is a serious danger of inflicting damage on third parties. Liability insurance is focused on protecting the property rights of persons who have suffered as a result of the economic activity of the insured. It is the insurance company that guarantees the recovery of damages. This does not depend on the financial condition of the insured. Such insurance also protects the financial condition of the insured, who is set free of the expenses related to the damage that he caused provided he has an insurance policy. The amount of funds to be reimbursed can be very significant (losses are often of a disastrous nature). The process of settling law suits for such losses is also relatively long and expensive. Liability insurance is economically feasible and socially important, therefore, this type of insurance is included in a number of legislative acts that regulate the economic activity of enterprises for licensing and making bids – liability insurance for organizations maintaining hazardous production facilities, liability insurance for the owner of a customs warehouse, etc.

The Russian Insurance Centre provides insurance protection for all types of liability insurance.

The Russian Insurance Centre offers its corporate clients the following types of insurance products:

• liability insurance for organizations maintaining hazardous production facilities

• liability insurance for transportation of hazardous cargos

• liability insurance for manufacturers, sellers and contractors