Construction all risks and technical risk insurance

The objects of insurance are property interests related to the ownership, use and disposal of property which are used for construction or assembly. This property includes buildings, facilities, equipment, machines, assembly units, mechanisms, devices, spare parts, materials and other property.

Additional expenses related to the elimination of the consequences of an insurance event are also subject to reimbursement:

• expenses for repeated carrying out of construction and assembly operations;

• expenses for area clearance;

• customs duties;

• expenses for urgent delivery of cargos necessary for recovery work;

• expenses related to the necessity to expedite recovery work and overtime pay.

The insurance covers damage inflicted because of any sudden or unforeseen events on the construction site that possess features of probability and are of a random nature not excluded by the Rules and insurance contract.

In addition you can insure:

• temporary buildings and facilities, construction equipment, work platforms and other property on the construction site;

• liability in construction and assembly operations for any damage caused to the life, health and property of third parties;

• postlaunch guarantee obligations.