RIC: Providing Insurance Protection to Defence Industry.

Another prominent company from Russia is the Insurance Joint-Stock Company (JSC) Russian Insurance Centre (RIC) that was established in 1992. One of the basic activities of RIC is to provide insurance protection to the defence and airspace industry companies and enterprises. RIC is certified by Russian Federal Industrial Agency and Russian Federal Space Agency, and has representative offices in 12 regional centres of Russia: St Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Vladimir, Izhevsk, Krasnodar, Kazan, Kaluga, Orel, Perm, Saratov, Tula and Ufa. The company regularly takes part in different international defence exhibitions and shows, such as Farnborough International, Le Bourget Air Show, and Dubai Air Show.

License No. 4286D granted by Ministry of Finance of Russian Federation allows RIC to operate with more than 70 types of insurance services. Shareholders of the company are: Rosoboronexport Federal State Unitary Enterprise, AS Yakovlev Design Bureau Open Joint-Stock Company, NPO Energomash Joint-Stock Company named after VP Glushko and other defence industry companies. RIC obtains a license of Federal Security Service of Russian

Federation to operate with insurance agreements containing State secret information. This license is necessary for the property insurance and civil liability insurance of defence industry companies, including enterprises exporting military and special equipment. «Considerable shareholding capital, highly qualified personnel, long experience in risks insurance, and proper reinsurance system guarantee the quality of RIC`s insurance coverage,» said RIC officials to DSA 2004 TODAY.

The company has a clientele list of more than 600 legal entities, among them: President`s Affairs Administration, Federal Security Service of Russian Federation, Rosoboronexport Federal State Unitary Enterprise, MV Khrunichev State Space Research-and-Production Centre, NPO Energomash Open Joint-Stock Company named after VP Glushko, «Energiya» Rocket-and-Space Corporation named after SP Korolev, Sukhoy Aircraft Holding Company Joint Stock Company, llyushin Open Joint-Stock Company, AS Yakovlev Design Bureau Open Joint-Stock Company, Aerospace Equipment Corporation Open Joint-Stock Company, Zavod im. VA Degtyareva Open Joint-Stock Company, Kovrovskii Mekhanicheskii Zavod Open Joint-Stock Company, Instrument Design Bureau Federal State Unitary Enterprise (Tula), Machine Building Design Bureau Federal State Unitary Enterprise (Kolomna, Moscow region), Tulamashzavod Joint-Stock Company, Tul`skii Oruzheiniy Zavod Open Joint-Stock Company, «Pribor» Federal Research-and-Production Centre State Unitary Enterprise, Topaz Specialised Design Bureau, Admiralty Shipyards Federal State Unitary Enterprise, MP Zvyozdochka Federal State Unitary Enterprise, Izhevskii Mekhanicheskii Zavod Federal State Unitary Enterprise, Gromov Flight and Research Institute Airline Open Joint-Stock Company, Moscow Heating Engineering Institute Federal State Unitary Enterprise, Space Forces, RVSN (Strategic Rocket Forces), Research-and-production Association named after MF Reshetnev, Yaroslavl Shipbuilding Plant Open Joint-Stock Company, Defence Systems Open Joint-Stock Company, TsKB Progress, Russian Satellite Communications Company Federal State Unitary Enterprise and many other large enterprises.

Today (Kuala Lumpur Malaysia)